Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taiwan trip - free&easy PART 2

Day Two & Three

It's shopping time! 
After the 8 hours sleeping night, we're full of energy! lol
First station we headed to Sogo for brunch.
Let the picture do the talking..

♥1  Spot my huge recycle bag! Bought it from ikea :)
 Go green! Say no to plastic bag!

♥2  " 甜不辣'' anyone?
I looooove Taiwan foodcourt so much! You don't have to worried which food is good cause everything is just great! :D

♥3  Hmm..it's yummy. The taste is like our '' 猪肠粉''

♥4  Pudding Ice Kacang. Such a big portion, is good to share some with others.

♥5  My Mini Rice Ball Taufu Fa.


♥7  Are you hungry? Couldn't decided what to order cause there're too many choices.

♥8  Can Malaysia change their rules? I wanna bring my pets to shopping mall too. *envy*

♥9  Hi-tech order machine. Once the thing is 'shake' then the food is ready to be collected.


♥11  鲁肉饭
I love the taste very much!

Second station.
We headed to 西门町 , one of the tourist spot in Taipei and its recommended by some famous tv shows. :)  

♥12   Here we are! An outdoor shopping mall! Weee~

♥13  Have you ever watched this movie 'Remember me'? If you haven't watched it.. go get one! It's a very good movie. :))

♥14  Breakfast anyone? Seriously, I regretted so much that I didn't get to try this.. AWW! It smell so good and I bet the taste is delicious too! They've used difference kind of rice, um..sticky rice? LOL..   Choose your flavour and favourite then your richness breakfast will be served! Grab one before to work.. nice!

♥15 Famous food at 西门町 . Look at the crowds.. if you missed it is equivalent you didn't been here before :D  By the way, I don't quite like it :)

♥16  Let down your precious identity aside and follow the crowd stood at the street and enjoy the delicious food.  Why not? :)

♥17  Here comes the Taiwanese girl.. hehe..anyone interested?

♥18  Angelababy!! 
 No la.. just some random people :D

♥19  Taiwan hot dog!  That white colour thing looks like hot dog but it isn't hot dog, it's something like rice with sauce. NOT GOOD! but you can give a try.

♥20  Oppss.. Police? Sign for permisson or something? Hmm..who knows?

♥21 Hoho..looking ugly here. 
Ish!! I've been eating non-stop man.. acttracted by all the delicious foods!!
♥22  Taiwan roti canai! One of my favourite yo...

♥23  The difference from our roti canai was they added some green onions to increased the taste and it tasted more crispy and yummy!! Peeps, remember this and also the signboard! A-must-eat food in Taipei :D

♥24  Walking down the street and saw a dog sat under the motocycle seat.
It attracted my eyes *ching* and I must take photo of it. Of course, I'd asked a permission from the owner. After she said : '' sure ''!  then she did a fast moved, squat down and kissed the dog. (mouth to mouth exactly the photo above)  I was like.. omg, she just kissed a dog!

♥25   Huge ice cream! I should called it - the tallest ice cream in the world.

♥26  Now you know what i meant the tallest ice cream :D
The girl : '' I let you shoot, but please don't shoot my face ''!
Me : '' okay! okay! I won't....
Aiks.. sorry la. You look really pretty here..

♥27  Famous ice kacang at 西门町. 


♥29  There's a basement level if you wish to have some privacy.
The wall is full of scrawl. Indeed! If you have a pen, just scrawl it.  


♥31  Coconut flavour.

♥32  The night view of 西门町.

♥33  A street performance. You can find it on youtude. It's really amazing!



♥36 五分埔
♥37  Cup noodle for my supper! I have huge diet. lol

Coming up next..

Part 3

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  1. Amazing! I would do anything for that ice cream.