Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taipei Shilin Market

Shilin market is well known as a tourist spot in Taipei, my best visit was 3years ago with my companion-Sarah. I remember how we crazily buy the entire food and pack everything back to the hotel. Her classical expression of chou tofu attempt was the funniest moment! Hahaha..
Check it out : Shilin market

I'm so freaking hungry right now!
Looking at these photos make me crave even more!! I miss nothing in Taiwan but the food.. 

MRT: 淡水线,剑潭站 (Danshui line to Jiantan, walk about 5mins)
Time: 11am to 2am

There's different section in shilin market, if you're only interested on food, outdoor would be more fun for you. (:

I must say their fruit taste naturally sweet!  It ain't cheap by the way :/ so pick wisely and bargain!

Pink guava is super chio!

Deep fried squid 花枝 NT50
Please copy this photo cause it tasted really good!
My brother bought this so I couldn't tell which stall is, best ever! 

Rate: 4.5/5

Found this randomly! Saw it before on FB then I was like,'ewww who the hell will buy this?!' 

So I did..
Mom had the first bite instead, the photo was too funny to be uploaded.HAHA
大雕烧 NT60
Oh, I ordered honey mustard with sausage in it. Nothing impress me though, it's just a normal sausage waffle with THAT weird look!

Rate: 2.5/5
Can you imagine a cock waffle maker? LOL the most epic contrivance on earth!

Sweetness overload!

'Chou tofu aka smelly tofu' NT50
They are too stingy to give more of the marinated cabbage ;/ I still prefer the one at sungai long night market..I miss it right now! 

Rate: 3/5

Potato cheese
Weird combination but somehow it tasted extraordinarily good. Worth for the try!

Rate: 4/5

大肠包小肠 Chinese sausage with glutinous rice NT60
It's a very famous street snack in Taiwan. The chinese sausage is rather sweet in taste, so it goes pretty well with glutinous rice(sticky rice). Highly recommend this stall!

Rate: 4.5/5

Tempting isn't it?
I personally like marmait taste a lot, doubled up!

Have you tried stir-fried steamed pau? NO? The combination is too good to be explained, it's soft X crispy X chewy X juicy,gahhh so good!  
There's soup in it! Don't burn your tongue!
You can literally bite the crispy part on the bottom, and taste along with the juicy meat..mmm..

Rate: 5/5
I can still remember her face so clearly..

I can eat this for my entire life!
Rate: 4.5/5

Another stall to be mentioned. Its the best chinese sausage I've ever tasted!

Taste so good with garlic..nomnom

润饼卷 Spring Roll NT35
We called it 'Popiah' in hokkien, do you spot the white paper like-crepe where they stuffed everything in it? It's a chinese pancake that made from wheat flour. The hardest part to make this thing is, the crepe has to be thin enough with a bit elastic.


Rate: 4.5/5

That's all for now..
Hope you guys enjoy the food porn! ;P

On next coming up..